May 1 - Liberty Science Center will Honor Jill Tarter with Genius Award

JERSEY CITY -- Liberty Science Center will bestow its Genius Awards on Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon; Vint Cerf, widely referred to as father of the Internet; and astronomer Jill Tarter of "Contact" fame at its Genius Gala 4.0, an extravagant celebration of science and creativity on Friday, May 1.

"Our three 2015 Genius Award winners are singularly brilliant men and women," said Paul Hoffman, president and CEO of Liberty Science Center. "These out-of-the-box geniuses deserve to be honored in an out-of-the-box way." 

Previous Genius Awards honorees are Sir Richard Branson, Garry Kasparov, Jane Goodall, Oliver Sacks, Temple Grandin, Dean Kamen, Sylvia Earle, Craig Venter, Cori Bargmann, and Ernő Rubik.

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