Jill Tarter: Searching for Needles in the Cosmic Haystack - A FREE public talk on Monday April 29


"Please join me Monday night at TechXploration to learn about our specific searches for technological civilizations that might occupy one or more of the recently discovered exoplanets in our galactic neighborhood. The Center for SETI Research collects 3 petabytes of raw data coming from the Allen Telescope Array each day and sifts through the 9-dimensional 'Cosmic Haystack' to find some 'needle' of a signal. I would like to share with you our current challenges with this "big data" and specifically, I plan to tease you with a technical challenge to help us communicate our progress better. Hope to see you Monday night..." - Jill 

This event is brought to you by PayPal's TechXploration, in partnership with the SETI Institute.

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