The Fate of Planetary Habitability - An AGU session by SETI Institute Researchers in the News

SETI Institute researchers Cynthia Phillips, Franck Marchis and Nathalie Cabrol organized a session on the Fate of Planetary Habitability at the AGU Fall meeting in December 2013. 

This session was an opportunity to see recent works on the adaptability of life in abrupt climate crises. Recent discoveries that inspire us to re-examine our understanding of how rapidly planetary habitats can be redistributed were discussed.

An article published in reports on one of the talks of this session. Jack Lissauer, researcher at NASA Ames, and his team conducted simulations which show that a large moon is not needed to stabilize the inclination of a planet. This work suggests that the presence of a large moon is not a necessary condition for an exoplanet to have a biosphere.

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