Buy or Sell a Home, Donate to SETI Institute – At Zero Cost to You

What if there was a zero-cost way you could help the SETI Institute continue our mission of funding scientific research, education and public-outreach programs.

Now there is.

my broker donatesThat’s why we’re introducing our supporters to My Broker Donates, which raises funds for the SETI Institute through real-estate commissions.

Here’s how it works: My Broker Donates connects our supporters who are looking to buy or sell a home with caring, qualified brokers who donate 15% of their fee to the SETI Institute. You choose the agent you like best. Once you find the right agent, the process is no different from any other real estate transaction.

To learn more, visit the My Broker Donates How It Works page. And if you are thinking of buying or selling, or know anyone who is, we encourage you to look into My Broker Donates. You can Get Started here.