Past Lectures

December 10, 2008
Special Panel: Pete Worden, Pavel Podvig and Will Marshall
Nuclear Weapons and Space Weapons
December 03, 2008
David Hinson
The Weather on Mars
November 12, 2008
Eugene Lally
How Spaceflight Was Born
October 29, 2008
Dr. Jack Lissauer
Giant Planet Formation
October 22, 2008
Dr. Sachindev Shenoy
MIPSGAL: MIPS/Spitzer Survey of the Galactic Plane
October 08, 2008
Greg Laughlin
The Galactic Planetary Census
October 01, 2008
Dr. Jeff Cuzzi (NASA Ames), Dr. Mark Showalter (SETI Institute) and Dr. Stuart Pilorz (JPL/SETI Institute)
What's hot in Saturn's Rings?
September 24, 2008
Prof. Roger Blandford
Black Holes: End of Time or a New Beginning?
September 10, 2008
Professor Charles Townes, UC Berkeley (1964 Nobel Prize winner for Physics for the invention of the laser)
Science in my life, and the unpredictability of discovery
August 22, 2008
Professor Lynn Cominsky
Exploring the Extreme Universe with GLAST
June 11, 2008
Prof. Donald A. Glaser, UC Berkeley (Nobel Prize in Physics, 1960 for the invention of the "bubble chamber")
The Role of Cortical Noise in Brain Function
May 28, 2008
William S. Marshall
An Insider's View of NASA Ames Lunar Skunkworks
May 07, 2008
Rusty Schweickart and Ed Lu
The NEO Challenge: Technology and Politics
April 11, 2008
Claudio Maccone
The Statistical Drake Equation
March 19, 2008
Tori Hoehler
The Energetics of Habitability
January 18, 2008
Francis Nimmo
Geodynamics of Icy Satellites