Imagining Your Future: Planetary Science Vision 2050 Workshop

NASA’s Planetary Science Division (PSD) will host a community workshop at NASA headquarters in Washington, DC on February 27–28 and March 1, 2017.

This workshop is meant to provide PSD with a very long-range vision of what planetary science may look like in the future. The workshop gathers experts in Solar System planetary science and related disciplines, together with experts in space technologies, to identify potential science goals and enabling technologies that can be implemented by the end of the 2040s and would support the next phase of Solar System exploration

Several SETI Institute scientists will attend this workshop to present their work and their thoughts on the future of planetary science. The list below includes the abstracts which involve our scientists and were selected for a talk or a poster.

Our scientists will discuss a wide range of topics, such as the cultural implication of discovering life in our Solar System, the anticipated revolutions coming to science and why we need to diversify the planetary science workforce. They will also address the future of ice giant exploration calling for a space mission toward Neptune or Uranus, the potential of the ground-based radar observations, and the issue of archiving data from previous planetary missions. Janice Bishop's talk will show how clay minerals provide a source of water and metals that can be harvested to provide resources for human exploration on Mars, asteroids, and other planetary bodies. Finally, one of the 2016 NASA-FDL groups, led by participant Erika Nesvold, will describe their work that uses machine learning to select the best deflection technologies to invest in the future and protect our planet from asteroid impacts.

New space missions, planetary defense, Mining of Mars .... our scientists are already imagining our future in space.