Center for Outreach

The SETI Institute has always believed that science is not just for scientists.

Sharing our research and enthusiasm for scientific understanding has been an important goal of the Institute since its founding. Outreach activities are targeted to the general public.

These efforts include articles appearing on our web site ( and information shared on the Institute’s social media platforms. Our staff give more than 100 talks annually at schools, museums, and other organizations, as well as a similar number of interviews given each year to both the print and electronic media. Institute scientists are asked to provide creative input for exhibits at science centers and planetariums, and even Hollywood movies.

Molly Bentley and Seth Shostak hosts the SETI Institute weekly science radio program, Big Picture Science Photo: Seth Shostak

Senior Research Scientist Lori Fenton working with students.

They also write popular articles for magazines and web sites.

The Institute’s weekly, public colloquium, held on the Microsoft campus in Mountain View, showcases research relevant to astrobiology from prominent scientists from both within and outside of the SETI Institute. Streamed on the Internet, anyone can watch these talks in real time, and choose from the many previous presentations available on the Institute’s YouTube channel.

In addition, the SETI Institute produces a weekly, onehour radio program, “Big Picture Science,” now carried by more than 100 broadcast stations nationwide, and also available as a podcast. Reaching more than 100,000 listeners for each episode (and growing), “Big Picture Science” treats subjects ranging from astronomy to zoology, from misleading pseudoscience to the latest developments in artificial intelligence. Hundreds of episodes can be found at