Activity Report of the SETI Institute - April 2017

It’s time again for a more comprehensive review of the work that has been going on at the SETI Institute. The complete Carl Sagan Center Activity Report for April 2017 can be downloaded, and here are some highlights: 

- 15 papers accepted or published in peer-reviewed journals including the American Astronomical Journal, the Astrophysical Journal and Icarus on topics such as a possible Venus twin in orbit around Kepler-1649, Orbits for the Impatient, the Final Kepler Planet Candidate Catalog, broadband photometry of Neptune from K2, and dynamical phenomena at the inner edge of the Keeler gap

- More than 30 SETI Institute scientists contributed presentations at the Astrobiology Science Conference in Mesa, Arizona, where the theme was “Diverse Life and its Detection on Different Worlds.” This included the SETI Institute NAI team that presented 15 papers, including 11 oral presentations and 4 posters.

- SETI Institute experts wrote for, or were interviewed by popular media including Discover Magazine, NBC News, and Science.
- Public speaking events included Silicon Valley Comic Con, where several SETI Institute scientists spoke and presented, Fullerenes in Space workshop at the University of Edinburgh, Astronomy on Tap in San Francisco, the Conference on World Affairs, the Cambridge Science Festival, and Breakthough Discuss.

- Facebook Live events in April explored how the SETI Institute is applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to its SETI research, Cassini’s mission to Saturn, and NASA’s New Horizons. All our Facebook Live event videos can be viewed on the SETI Institute Facebook page.