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SETI AIR Newsletter - June 2024

SETI AIR Newsletter - June 2024


SETI AIR Newsletter - June 2024



Bettina Forget

Exciting news: The A Sign in Space “alien” message has been decoded! But - what does the message mean? Daniela de Paulis’ project brought together international players such as ESA, the SETI Institute, Greenbank Observatory, and a worldwide community of artists, academics, and space enthusiasts for a “dress rehearsal” of receiving an actual alien message. What is so special about this project is the trans-disciplinary collaboration that developed in the effort to crack the code, and the active participation from the general public from around the world. Now, it’s the final stretch: interpreting the message. As always, everyone is invited to partici-pate. More info about A Sign in Space below. What do you think it means?

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AIR Program Update


A Sign in Space: Decoded!

Daniela de Paulis’ art project A Sign in Space launched on May 24, 2023, when the European Space Agency’s ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter sent a simulated alien message back to Earth. The project invited the world to explore the process of decoding and interpreting an extraterrestrial message. It took just over a year and a global community of thousands of enthusiasts on Discord, but the message has now been decoded. On June 7, 2024, the father-daughter team “John” and “Sarah” (who asked to remain anonymous) cracked the code and revealed the image of five amino acids displayed in a universal organic molecular diagram notation.

However - this is not the end of the journey! The “alien” message has been decoded, but it has yet to be interpreted. Daniela de Paulis invites the worldwide community to conduct their own analysis and share their interpretation on Discord or via the website.

Read more about the decoded message in the SETI Institute’s press release here:

Watch the new trailer for A Sign in Space


Call for Applications


Cosmic Consciousness Literary Residency

The SETI AIR program invites writers and poets working in the areas of literature, speculative fiction/sci-fi, experimental poetry, and philosophy to submit proposals.

Deadline to submit: 1 July 2024, 11:59pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)



SETI AIR Artist News & Events



Xin Liu and Daniela de Paulis

Cosmos Archaeology: Exploring the Universe

Art & Science Shanghai Astronomy Museum
May 18 - September 17, 2024



Daniela de Paulis

A Sign in Space

the National Astronomy Olympiad NAO is an early stage talent program for school students in Nepal supporting their future academic career in STEAM.

Kathmandu, Nepal
June 1 - 7, 2024



Adriana Knouf

enologist Trajectories with Adriana Knouf Video & Podcast interview
Sonic Arts News



Jen Bervin

Jen Bervin: Enid Mark Lecture 2024 (video)

Smith College Libraries



Brittany Nelson

Tiptoeing Through the Cosmos: Recent Photography at Luhring Augustine Review of exhibition in Whitehot Magazine



Scott Kildall


Four Chicken Gallery San Francisco
June 27, 6 - 9 pm


About the SETI AIR Program

The SETI Institute’s Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program is an international leader in the movement of integrating art and science. The AIR program connects contemporary artists with SETI Institute researchers so that they may exchange ideas and catalyze new perspectives, insights, and modes of comprehension. For more information about the program, please visit


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