Stefan Rosner
Stephan Rosner

Senior Systems Engineer

Disciplines: Mechanical Engineering, Systems Engineering, Integration and Test

Degree/Major: B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1984, Northwestern University

Curriculum vitae: SRosner_CV_May_2018.pdf |

Stefan hails from the New Haven, CT area, where he began honing his skills disassembling electro-mechanical devices, and then - somewhat later - putting them back together.  Most of his 30+ year career has been developing enabling technologies that support basic scientific research.  In his early career, he designed, built, tested and operated airborne atmospheric sampling instrumentation flown on NASA and NCAR research aircraft including the U-2C, ER-2, DC-8, C-130, and the C-141 Kuiper Airborne Observatory (KAO) which provided a fascinating opportunity to experience first-hand the excitement and promise of airborne infrared astronomy.

Stefan has also supported NASA gravitational biology and space life sciences with lead roles including the development and 0g testing of Experiment Unique Equipment that flew aboard Space Shuttle, Spacelab and SpaceHab missions, as well as Payload Systems Engineer providing on-console operations support at the Payload Operations Control Center, and Shuttle landing site payload recovery operations.  In 2001, he was selected by the NASA Astronaut Corps as a recipient of the coveted Spaceflight Awareness "Silver Snoopy" award.

Presently, Stefan supports the NASA / DLR Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) as a Systems Engineer supporting the Science Instrument development team.  He has also been a key member of the observatory mission systems development team that recently integrated and tested a new two-channel, two-stage closed-cycle cryocooler system capable ofchilling Science Instrument focal plane detectors all the way down to < 4 Kelvin without any expendable LN2 or LHe cryogens.  This airborne cryocooler system has already enabled the development,commissioning and observing campaigns of three novel supra-THz heterodyne detector channels, and will also be used by the 3rd gen. SOFIA Science Instrument, and perhaps the majority of future Next Gen. instruments as well.

When he isn't working hard, he is usually playing hard.  Stefan is an avid cyclist who has enjoyed extended bicycle tours on 4 continents, and has explored many of the local mountain bike trails of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  He has also been a daily bicycle commuter since college, and was named the 2017 Bicycle Commuter Of the Year (BCOY) for Santa Clara County.  Stefan also enjoys playing and coaching Ultimate (Frisbee), camping, and making music with friends.

Major Awards
  • Peer Reviewed:
    • C. Risacher et al, “First Supra-THz Heterodyne Array Receivers for Astronomy with the SOFIA Observatory”, IEEE Trans. on THz Sci. and Technol. (T-TST), vol. 6, issue 2, 199-211, 2016. Recipient of 2018 IEEE T-TST Best Paper Award, in recognition of the most significant contribution in a paper published in IEEE T-TST
    • Kritz, M. A., S. W. Rosner and D. Z. Stockwell, Validation of an off-line three-dimensional chemical transport model using observed radon profiles, 1) Observations, J. Geophys. Res. 103, 8425-8432 1998.
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    • Kritz, M. A., S. W. Rosner, E. F. Danielsen and H. B. Selkirk, Air mass origins and troposphere-to-stratosphere exchange associated with mid-latitude cyclogenesis and tropopause folding inferred from7Be measurements, J. Geophys. Res. 96, 17405-17414, 1991.
  • Popular Media / Conference Proceedings
    • S. Rosner et al, “Testing of a Closed-Cycle Cryocooler Compressor for Deployment Aboard SOFIA Aircraft”, Proceedings of the 19th International Cryocooler Conference, 273-279, June 2016.
    • Kritz, M. A., and S. W. Rosner, Radon Measurements Aboard the Kuiper Airborne Observatory, in ASP Conf. Series, Vol. 73, Airborne Astronomy Symposium on the Galactic Ecosystem: From Gas to Stars to Dust, ed. M. R. Haas, J. A. Davidson, & E. F. Erickson (San Francisco: ASP), 353-356, 1995.