Hiroshi Imanaka

Hiroshi Imanaka

Senior Scientist

Disciplines: Chemistry

Degree/Major: Ph.D., Earth and Planetary Science, 1004, University of Tokyo, Japan

Curriculum vitae: Imanaka-CV2008.pdf


Dr. Imanaka's major research interest is the inventory and evolution of the volatile CHNOS elements in planetary atmospheres, planetary surfaces, and, the early solar system towards the understanding of the origin and evolution of life and habitable environments. 

He is working on comprehensive laboratory studies of complex organic chemistry related to the atmospheres of Titan and the early Earth. He studies characteristic fingerprints (elemental/isotopic composition, structure, and spectroscopic characteristics) in plausible organic macromolecules in planetary environments.
A comprehensive understanding of such fingerprints is a key for constraining the physical-chemical environments, elemental cycles, and energy balance from available, or potentially available, sets of astronomical/planetary/geological observations.