Chloe Beddingfield
Chloe Beddingfield

Research Scientist

Disciplines: Planetary Geology

Degree/Major: Ph.D., Geology, University of Tennessee, Dissertation Title: Investigations into the Tectonics of Uranian and Saturanian Icy Satellites. B.S., Geosciences / Minor, Chemistry, Texas Tech University.

Curriculum vitae: CV2018Beddingfield.pdf

Chloe Beddingfield is a planetary scientist at SETI and NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA.

Her research interests include the following:

  • Icy satellite tectonics, geodynamics, and geomorphology
  • Polygonal impact craters
  • Generating digital elevation models (DEMs) of all planetary surfaces and shape models of small bodies using stereo and photoclinometry

Beddingfield, C.B., R.A. Beyer, K. Singer, F. Nimmo, W.B. McKinnon, J.M. Moore, K. Ennico, C.B. Olkin, P. Schenk, J.R. Spencer, S.A. Stern, H.A. Weaver, L.A. Young, and the New Horizons Team, Landslides on Charon, Icarus, in prep.

Beyer, R., S. Robbins, L. Young, C.B. Beddingfield, J. Moore, C. Olkin, K. Runyon, H.A. Weaver, F. Nimmo, K. Singer, W. Grundy, W. McKinnon, K. Ennico, S.A. Stern, P. Schenk, J. Spencer, J.T. Keane, The Nature and Origin of Charon's Smooth Plains, Icarus, under review.

Beddingfield, C.B., J.E. Moersch, H.Y. McSween Jr., 2018, Investigating crater rim thermal inertia variations on Mars: A case study in Tisia Valles, Icarus, 314, 345-363.

Beddingfield, C.B., D.M. Burr, L.T. Tran, 2016, Polygonal impact craters on Dione: Evidence for tectonic structures outside the Wispy Terrain. Icarus, 274, 163-194.

Beddingfield, C.B., D.M. Burr, and W.M. Dunne, 2015, Shallow normal fault slopes on Saturnian icy satellites. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 120.12, 2053-2083.

Beddingfield, C.B., D.M. Burr, and J.P. Emery, 2015, Fault geometries on Uranus’ satellite Miranda: Implications for internal structure and heat flow, Icarus, 247, 35-52.