A Planet Someone Might Call Home

Researchers using the Keck telescope in Hawaii have found a planet that could, at least in principle, be awash in oceans and blanketed with an atmosphere. Mind you, this isn't Earth's identical twin.

Join the Galactic Church?

What if we found extraterrestrials, and discovered that they were religious? Would that prompt religious people us to toss out a few millennia of deistic doctrine and join ET's faith?

3-D Movies: Wave of the Future or Fleeting Fad?

While engineers keep promising a glasses-free process that's both pleasing and practical, no one expects success any time soon.

Who or What Built the Universe?

Theoretically, building a universe -- even a nicely tuned one -- is not a particularly difficult technical challenge. Heck, our foreseeable descendants might be able to do it.

New Homes for ET?

The type of multiple-planet solar system we live in isn't oddball at all, but is as humdrum as hairpins. That would, of course, be good news for those who hope to find extraterrestrial life.

Don't Tell ET!

If SETI detects an extraterrestrial transmission, will someone grab the microphone and reply? If so, who speaks for Earth?

Where Are the Aliens? Fermi Paradox Redux

We don't see any evidence extraterrestrial life. Does that mean that Homo sapiens is the smartest species within 100 thousand light-years? That would be remarkable and, judging by my daily interaction with said species, scary.


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