Curiosity Movement: Where will my money go?

All monies contributed through the Curiosity Movement will go into ONE fund, regardless of which "project" you select to make your donation.  Grants will then be selected based on merit and the criteria below.  The goal of the Curiosity Movement is to stimulate innovative science, education, and communication projects at the SETI Institute and to better engage the public with the SETI Institute’s work.

What will the fund support?

Grant selections will be made by a committee of SETI Institute leaders and scientists.  Details such as number of awards approved, total dollars granted, types of research and education supported will vary each year depending upon the success of the Curiosity Movement as well as the current goals and objectives of SETI Institute.

We will favor unique or innovative scientific research projects that may initiate new funded research beyond the resources of the Curiosity Movement funds. We will select projects that bring prestige to the organization through events, workshops, and conferences that draw people to the SETI Institute. We will also support education and outreach projects that engage students, teachers, and the public in the Institute’s scientific research.

This funding is not intended to supplant work that has already been routinely supported through other resources; instead, it is expected to provide seed funding to explore new ventures and projects that are beyond the domain or scale of the core federally funded research and education projects at the SETI Institute.