SETI Institute Hangouts (Video Chats)

Hydrothermal Vents
April 09, 2013
Origin of Life in Hydrothermal Vents and Implications for Mars
A discussion with Michael Russel, a citizen scientist, and SETI Institute scientists Niki Parenteau and Adrian Brown on the origin of life in hydrothermal vents and the implications for life of Mars. Moderated by SETI Institute scientist Franck Marchis.

Exoplanet Atmosphere
April 04, 2013
Characterizing the Atmospheres of Exoplanets: A New Challenge in Exoplanetary Science?
A discussion on characterizing the atmospheres of exoplanets: a new challenge in exoplanetary science. With scientists Jon Jenkins (SETI Institute), Jonathan Fortney (UCSC), and Franck Marchis (SETI Institute). Moderated by Nadia Drake (

SETI Hangout
March 15, 2013
An Update on The Search for Exolife
SETI Institute scientists Dale Andersen, Lori Fenton, Franck Marchis, and Cynthia Phillips discuss topics including life in extreme environments (extremophiles), life on Mars, Europa and future missions, and exoplanets. Jill Tarter moderated.

March 14, 2013
SETI Institute Search for Exolife Hangout
SETI Institute scientists, Dale Andersen, Lori Fenton, Franck Marchis and Cynthia Phillips discuss various research topics including life in extreme environments (extremophiles), life on Mars, Europa, and future missions, and exoplanets. Moderated by Jill Tarter.

Russian Meteor
February 26, 2013
What Lessons Can We Learn from the Chelyabinsk Meteor?
Vatican Astronomer Guy Consolmagno, Director of the Carl Sagan Center David Morrison, and Planetary Astronomer Franck Marchis discuss the recent meteor impact in Chelyabinsk, Russia.

Vulcan Wins
February 26, 2013
Vulcan for the Win! Closing the Pluto Rocks Campaign
Discussion on the end of polling to name the moons of Pluto. Moderated by Alan Boyle, with scientists Franck Marchis and Mark Showalter. #PlutoRocks (video)

Pluto and moons
February 11, 2013
An Update on the Moons of Pluto
Let's name the moons of Pluto. Vote for your favorite names at

January 16, 2013
Q&A on Recent Exoplanet Discoveries
A discussion of recent Kepler exoplanet findings, and Fomalhaut b, a Hubble Space Telescope revealed rogue planetary orbit. With SETI Institute scientists, Jon Jenkins, Paul Kalas, and Franck Marchis. Moderated by Adam Mann from Wired.

July 31, 2012
Google+ Hangout (Replay) - Mars Curiosity Landing with SETI Institute
If you missed the Mars Curiosity Landing, you can still watch the SETI Institute's LIVE Hangout at Nasa Ames Research Center from August 5, 2012!