John Giannandrea


John Giannandrea is Apple's Chief of Machine Learning and AI Strategy. John joined Apple in 2018 and oversees the strategy for artificial intelligence and machine learning across the company and the development of Core ML and Siri technologies.

Previously, John was Vice President of Engineering with responsibility for Google’s Computer Science R​esearch ​and Machine Intelligence groups, leading teams in Machine Learning, Machine Intelligence, Computer Perception, Natural Language Understanding and Quantum Computing.  He previously founded the K​nowledge Graph ​team at Google, building the world's largest machine-readable knowledge repository which powers question answering on Google’s search properties.

In 2005, John co-founded M​etaweb ​with D​anny Hillis,​ a semantic knowledge startup building the database technology behind f​,​ a freely available user contributed database of human knowledge.

From 1999 - 2005, he was CTO of Tellme Networks, a company he co-founded with Mike McCue. Tellme was an applied voice recognition company building an open internet platform for voice applications.  Customers included customer support for Fortune 100 companies (1-800-Fedex, Merrill Lynch etc.) and directory assistance for telephone companies (AT&T).

From 1​992-1994, John was a Senior Engineer at General Magic, an Apple spinout working on early Personal Digital Assistants and a novel services architecture based on peripatetic programming.

John attended University of Strathclyde where he received his Bachelor of Science with Honours Computer Science in 1988, and his Doctorate Honoris Causa in 2013.