International Observe the Moon Night with NASA and SETI Institute


Come celebrate International Observe the Moon Night with NASA and SETI Institute.  If you're not local don't worry, you'll be able to see all the engaging discussion, amazing pictures and even a Hangout On Air here on this Event Page!

To join in and participate in our official Party Mode Event(
You just need to first RSVP 'Yes' for this Event. Make sure you also download the Google+ App for your iPhone or Android. Using the G+ App, you can post your own Party Mode pictures of the Event or Moon in real time!

If you have an Android here's what to do - . If you have an iPhone open the app, tap 'Events', and choose the Endeavour event that you RSVP'd to. Then simply tap the camera icon at the bottom of the Event.

It will be amazing to see everyones' perspectives for International Observe the Moon Night, so we're excited to see your photos! We'll even be resharing some of our favorites! Even if you're not local, you can still see all the Live Party Mode pictures streaming on this Event Page during the Event in real time as they're being shared, along with the Hangout On Air Stream!

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