April is Global Astronomy Month!

It goes without saying that the SETI Institute is a big fan of astronomy. It’s part of the work we do every day, trying to understand how life in the universe began and has evolved. That’s why we’re excited to celebrate all things astronomy in April, which is Global Astronomy Month (GAM). GAM is organized annually by Astronomers Without Borders, is the largest global celebration of astronomy and features activities that are open to all.

astronomy month

Events held throughout April include star watching, poetry, online opportunities to observe stars, moons, nebulae and more, and in-person and online star parties. Here are some highlights to look for: 

  • AstroPoetry contest March 1- May 1
  • On April 4, online Messier Marathon will give people a chance to view nebulae, galaxies, and star clusters from the Messier Catalog using robotic telescopes and real time images
  • Jupiter will be in opposition on April 7, directly opposite the Sun from our point of view on Earth, making it easy to see in the night sky
  • The Lyrid Meteor Shower will be active from April 16-26, and particularly active on April 22
  • The art project OPTICKS will transmit images to the moon and back as radio signals in real time on April 30

To learn more about Global Astronomy Month and how to participate in these activities and more, visit the Astronomers Without Borders website.