N~1: Alone in the Milky Way

Public talks

Tags: Drake Equation

Time: Saturday, Oct 24, 2020 -

Location: Online

The Drake Equation famously “quantifies our ignorance" regarding the number, N, of technological civilizations in our galaxy. Even though planets are plentiful, and even though life may be a natural — even common — product of cosmic chemistry, we may truly be the only galactic civilization capable of interstellar communication. I.e., perhaps N~1.

Our speaker, Pascal Lee, is a planetary scientist at the SETI Institute, and co-founder of NASA's Mars Institute. Druing the video premiere of "N~1: Alone in the Milky Way," Dr. Lee will answer questions in the YouTube "chat" bar. Live Q&A will continue, immediately afterward, via Google "Meet."

This event is co-produced by Wonderfest and the Mount Tamalpais Astronomy Program. In mid-October, when the "N~1" video is formally posted, visit the Mt Tam Astronomy YouTube channel ("WHERE" link, above) to set a reminder for the actual Premiere on Saturday, October 24th. One week thereafter, the video can be viewed at the Wonderfest Science YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/wonderfestscience.

for more information visit https://wonderfest.org/alone-in-milky-way/