LPSC 2023




Time: 13 - 17 March 2023 -

Location: The Woodlands, Tx

Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
Since its beginning in 1970, when it was called the Apollo 11 Lunar Science Conference, the conference has been a significant focal point for lunar and planetary science research. Over the years, it has grown tremendously, with over 2,000 planetary scientists and students who present their findings that provide new insights and a better understanding of the solar system.

LPSC features oral and poster presentations organized by topical symposia and problem-oriented sessions based on abstracts. Over 2,000 abstracts are submitted from a global scientific community. These abstracts are peer-reviewed, and selections for presentation are based on the overall relevance to the conference and the quality of the science. Special sessions and other events are scheduled throughout the week of the conference.