Celebrating Science

celebrating science

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Join us at the SETI Institute
in Mountain View, California
for a celebration of science and imagination!

An interactive Family Science Faire at the SETI Institute
SATURDAY, July 23, 2011, from 1:00-4:00 p.m.


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You can still register at the door on the day of the event.
See you there!

  Activity Guide

At our Celebrating Science 2011 Family Science Faire, you will have the opportunity to meet SETI Institute scientists and discover what the future holds for SETI and astrobiology. Learn about the SETI Institute's pioneering exploration of life, our solar system, and beyond, including the search for signals from other civilizations.

Your opportunity for hands-on science! We will have fun, interactive activities for youth aged 8-15. They will be able to sign up on a first-come, first-serve basis for educational science-based activities. We will also have fun and creative activities for our younger up-and-coming scientists.

Meet the father of SETI and author of the Drake Equation, Dr. Frank Drake. Visit the gift shop for a Drake Equation t-shirt and ask Dr. Drake himself to sign it!

Hear Seth Shostak speak at 2:45. Dr. Shostak will be available to autograph his latest book, Confessions of an Alien Hunter.

We'll have barbecued hot dogs for sale between 12:45-2:30 p.m. or until quantity lasts, so come early!

There are plenty of photo opportunities, so be sure to bring your cameras!

The SETI Institute is located at
189 Bernardo Avenue, Mountain View CA 94043

Interested in volunteering for the event? Please email Gail Jacobs at gjacobs@seti.org or call 650-960-4565.

Some of the interactive activities planned include:

kids do science

Interactive activities for kids of all ages

Create your own model of the earth spinning on its axis, build a catapult or dissect an owl pellet. For ages 8-15. On-site sign-ups required on a first-come, first-served basis.

For our younger friends, have some fun and create your own unique souvenir of your time at Celebrating Science!

texting et

Kepler Mission

Hear about the Kepler Mission at Year Two. Learn about the discoveries and ongoing observations and analysis as we proceed down the path to finding Earth-like worlds.

solar 1

TeamSETI member William Phelps will bring his big h-alpha solar telescope to the Institute for visitors to look through. There has been lots of solar activity, so this might be a perfect time to check it out!


Take a virtual tour of the Saturn System with NASA's Cassini Spacecraft
Image credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

infrared image

Experiment with an infrared camera

The light our eyes see is but a small part of a broad spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. On the immediate high energy side of the visible spectrum lies the ultraviolet, and on the low energy side is the infrared. See what you look like to an infrared camera.



Learn how setiQuest will empower Earthlings everywhere to become active participants in the ultimate search for cosmic company

book coverStump the Scientist!

Ask SETI Institute Senior Astronomer Seth Shostak questions and learn answers to the secrets of the universe. Seth will also be available to sign his latest book, Confessions of an Alien Hunter, available at the gift shop.


saturnIapetus, the two-faced Saturn Satellite

Fly over the dark side of Iapetus! See some great pictures and learn about the latest theories on the history of this mysteriously intriguing moon of Saturn.


And More!

We look forward to seeing you!