Regine Basha

bashaSince 1993, Regine Basha has been curating innovative contemporary art exhibitions for public institutions, civic spaces, parks,  private galleries, heritage buildings, and the like, nationally and internationally, with an adventurous approach to designing and curating in these specific contexts. Often collaborating with partners both in and outside the frame of the art world, Basha aims to mediate between diverse sites of knowledge, interests, and audiences. Art for her is the third space through which we communicate, test out new ideas, and envision other possible realities across geographical and immaterial borders. She has also worked extensively with artists who have incorporated sound or audio culture into their practice both materially and conceptually. Currently Basha sits on the board of Aurora Picture Show and Art Matters and is a member of the American Association of Art Critics. She is a graduate of the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College, New York.