SETI-Ames Dynamics “Lunch" - Winter/Spring 2016 Schedule

Winter/Spring 2016 Schedule

January 20 Jack Lissauer (NASA Ames)
Kepler multiplanet systems, Part 2
January 27 David Levinson (Space Systems Loral)
Dynamics of human self-rotation in space
February 3 Matija Ćuk (SETI Institute)
Tidal evolution of the Moon from high-obliquity Earth
February 12
Hodei Urrutxua (Technical University of Madrid)
Benefits of regularization techniques for the fast and accurate numerical propagation of asteroid dynamics
February 24 Ann-Marie Madigan (UC Berkeley)
Dynamics at the galactic center 
March 2 Michael Busch (SETI Institute)
The complex spin dynamics of Asteroid 4179 Toutatis
March 9 Peter Jenniskens (SETI Institute)
Dynamics of near-Earth asteroids and meteor streams
March 16 Journal Club: “Planet Nine”
Batygin and Brown (2016, arXiv:1601.05438)
Li and Adams (2016, arXiv:1602.08496)
Malhotra, Volk, and Wang (2016, arXiv:1603.02196)
March 23 Daniel Jontof-Hutter (Penn State)
The extraordinary diversity of super-Earth mass planets revealed with transit timing
March 30 Roundup from the LPSC Meeting
April 4
Dick French (Wellesley College)
Recent discoveries in Kronoseismology: New connections between waves in Saturn’s rings and the planet’s interior
April 13 Paul Estrada (SETI Institute)
Fractal growth and radial migration of solids: The role of porosity and compaction in an evolving nebula
May 4 Leslie Rogers (UC Berkeley)
Diversity and demographics of distant rocky worlds
May 11 Don Korycansky (UC Santa Cruz)
Impact erosion of planetary atmospheres
May 18 Matt Tiscareno (SETI Institute)
Peregrinations of propellers in Saturn’s rings
May 27
Sarah Ballard (MIT)
Exoplanets: Under a microscope, and through a wide-field lens
June 1 Roundup from the DDA Meeting
June 29 Dan Fabrycky (University of Chicago)
Planets in binaries

* This seminar usually meets on Wednesday at 2:30pm in the Blumberg room at the SETI Institute, 189 Bernardo Avenue, Mountain View CA.

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