Jeffrey Coughlin

Jeffrey Coughlin
Kepler Support Scientist
Ph.D. Astronomy
Major Awards: 

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship: 2009-2012

Curriculum Vitae: 

Hi, I'm a Support Scientist hired through the SETI Institute working for the Kepler Mission at NASA AMES. My work focuses on finding and characterizing transiting planets in the Kepler Mission data via the implementation of automated algorithms to reduce systematic noise and characterize potential transit signatures. As well, I support public access to the Kepler Mission data via on-line documentation and data management.

My scientific background includes:

  • Extrasolar planets: Primary transit modeling, TTV and TDV variations, and secondary eclipse detection and modeling, from both the ground and space.
  • Eclipsing binaries: Low-Mass Main-Sequence Binaries, and Near-Contact and Contact W Uma type systems. Ground and space-based photometry, ground-based spectroscopy, and the modeling thereof.
  • Astrometry: Theoretical modeling of the multi-wavelength astrometric signatures of binary and planetary systems.
  • Computing: Automated modeling algorithms, data reduction, and robust error analysis, with a focus on genetic algorithms.








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