Darlene Lim

Darlene Lim
Research Scientist
PhD University of Toronto, Geology
Major Awards: 


Science is at its best when it is connected to the human component

Dr. Darlene Lim's research interests span Earth and Space Science. She conducts limnological and paleolimnological investigations of remote lakes and ponds in the Canadian High Arctic to characterize Holocene climate change. She has also extrapolated her Arctic work to Mars analog paleolake reconstructions. Darlene led the establishment of the Pavilion Lake Research Project in 2004 and has enjoyed managing and evolving the project ever since. She is also extremely interested in understanding the possible unique nature of Pavilion Lake through the exploration of near-by lakes and the regional geology. Over the past decade, Darlene conducted fieldwork in the Canadian High Arctic, the Antarctic, throughout Central America, Guyana, and northern Chile. She continues to ardently promote the importance of science and exploration through lectures, media outreach and editorial contributions.

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Integrated Field Science and Exploration Activities in a Relevant Underwater Environment - Lessons for the Human Scientific Exploration of the Moon and Mars

The described work will provide high-fidelity science, science operations, mission operations, and technology constraints to help NASA plan for future human exploration of the Moon, Mars and other planetary bodies.

Type 2 MMAMA Proposal: Integrated Field Science and Exploration Activities in a Relevant Underwater Environment

A multi-disciplinary underwater study to understand the factors influencing microbialite morphogenesis in Lake Pavilion, British Columbia. This study is also used to identify the human factors in exploration of a foreign environment, providing useful information for the design of human missions to the Moon and Mars.