AAA Cycle 2 Application

We recommend that you prepare all documents before starting the online process. The application includes entry of your professional history, a 2-page personal essay and team outreach plan, described below. The signature page, letter of support and letter of recommendation must be signed, scanned and saved in PDF format. The application will not be complete without all fields completed and all required documents e- submitted via e-mail. Please note especially that the system will not allow you to partially complete the application and return later.

A. Complete the Personal Essay, and Team Outreach Plan (Total Two-page maximum.)

Personal Essay (One page maximum for items 1 and 2 combined.)

1. Describe your teaching (formal or informal): how you bring new ideas and concepts into your classroom/facility; how you integrate science with other disciplines; how you connect your classroom/facility to the real world; how you promote educational excellence in your school and community; and describe your students’ experience in your classroom/facility.

2. Describe the particular needs of your classroom/school or informal education venue. For example, informal educators should include the nature and amount of astronomy exhibits, the proportion of school/ teacher visits that are elementary, middle or high school. Describe why you think your participation in the SOFIA AAA Program will help meet those needs.

Team Outreach Plan (1 page maximum for item 3. )

3. Outline a plan to use the knowledge and resources received during the SOFIA AAA program and flight experience for community outreach effort (e.g. astronomy club, science center, museum, youth organizations, professional development for informal/formal educators). Define your role and responsibilities in the team, how team members will collaborate, and detail why your collaboration will be effective. (Note: this response can be the same as your teammate’s)

B. Complete the application, including pasting your essay into the appropriate field.

C. Prepare three documents to be e-mailed:

  1. Signature Page – print, sign, scan and save as PDF
  2. Letter of Support- print the document, have your administrator initial & sign, and scan the signed Letter of Support; save as PDF.
  3. Letter of Recommendation – scan the signed letter; save as PDF.
    A letter should be from your direct supervisor, describing your teaching skills and abilities, and/or your contribution to education programming and efforts at your facility.

D. Email the three PDF Files with Subject Line as “Your Name AAA application”

Additional materials will not be considered and will not be returned.

Online Application Form

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This section is voluntary. Participants are selected on the basis of merit, not race or gender. This information is used only to determine how well the SOFIA AAA Program reaches the diverse education community.