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Allen Telescope Array Checks Out Star KIC 8462852

The SETI Institute has trained its Allen Telescope Array on KIC 8462852 for more than two weeks. Finding a signal would be a strong indication for the presence of intelligence.
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  • ATA
    The SETI Institute has trained its Allen Telescope Array on KIC 8462852 for more than two weeks. Finding a signal would be a strong indication for the presence of intelligence.
  • dolphin
    The idea that we can learn about possible extraterrestrial (ETI) communication systems by studying non-human communications on Earth is similar to the astrobiological idea that one might learn more about exobiology by studying the extremes of life on Earth.
  • Plutos moons
    Today, NASA has released the first "family portrait" of Pluto's four small moons. As someone who has spent years studying these objects as nothing but faint dots, I find it is enormously gratifying to see them as resolved bodies, with shapes, colors and surface features.
    Plutos moons
  • dunes on pluto
    Can a nearly airless world have windblown dunes? Yes, it can! The atmosphere is just thick enough – or at least it can be at certain times of the Plutonian year – to support strong winds able to blow grains along the ground.
    dunes on pluto
  • Gale crater
    I thought I was going to share my thoughts with you on the new study that was just published by Science. I hope you will enjoy this commentary, and better, that it will bring you some insight into that story.
    Gale crater
    In his efforts to be rescued, Mark Watney has to traverse a long valley known as Mawrth Vallis. SETI Institute scientist Janice Bishop, who studies the composition of materials on the martian landscape, is an advocate of sending missions to this valley long before any humans venture to the Red Planet
  • dunes
    Bad weather was the instigator of existential problems for “The Martian.” But Mark Watney and his fellow crew members might have avoided catastrophe (and changed the premise of Andy Weir’s novel) had they been able to avail themselves of the climate analyses of Lori Fenton, a scientist at the SETI Institute.
  • mars
    NASA has just announced new results based on high-resolution imagery from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter satellite showing that liquid water also occasionally flows on the surface.
  • On Sunday evening Sept. 27, a total eclipse of the Moon will be visible from throughout the U.S. (and North and South America.) In a lunar eclipse, the full Moon & the Sun are exactly opposite each other in our sky, and the Earth gets between them. This means the Earth’s shadow falls on the full Moon, darkening it.
  • Measurements of the demographics of exoplanets over a range of planet and host star properties provide fundamental empirical constraints on theories of planet formation and evolution. Because of its unique sensitivity to low-mass, long-period, and free-floating planets, microlensing is an essential complement to our arsenal of planet detection methods.

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