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Nathalie Cabrol
Senior Research Scientist

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Recent TV Documentaries


-  Welcome to Mars, NOVA, US, (2004)


-  Destination Mars, Channel 4, US (2004)


-  ADR: The High Lakes Project, Germany (2004)


-  Seeking Solutions with Suzanne, US (2005)


-  Looking for Life, Passport to Knowledge, PBS, US (2006)


-  Following the Water, Passport to Knowledge, PBS, US (2006)


-  Are We Alone?, Discovery Channel, US (2009)




Nathalie is featured in the following popular books:



- Gregory Bendford: The Martian Race, Warner Books Edition

-  Lee Gutkind: Almost Human: Making Robots Think, W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.

-  Gloria Skurzynski: Are We Alone? Scientists Search for Life in Space, published by National Geographic

-  Oliver Morton: Mapping Mars: Science, Imagination, and the Birth of a World, Macmillan, 357 pages;