Technical Publications

Robert French
Research Assistant

French, R. S., Showalter, M. R., Hicks, S. K., Antonsen, A. K., & Packard, D. R. 2012.  Analysis of Longitudinal Variation in Saturn's F Ring Using Wavelets (DPS abstract).

French, R. S. & Showalter, M. R. 2012.  Cupid is Doomed: An Analysis of the Stability of the Inner Uranian Satellites, Icarus, 220, 911-921.  (see also DDA 2012, DDA 2011)

French, R. S., Showalter, M. R., Sfair, R., Arguelles, C., Pajuelo, M., Becerra, P., Hedman, M. M., and Nicholson, P. 2012.  The Brightening of Saturn's F Ring, Icarus, 219, 181-193.  (see also DPS 2009, DDA 2009, and EPSC 2009)