Technical Publications

Franck Marchis
Senior Scientist & Science Outreach Manager

Refereed articles

68. Volcanic Activity of Io with Keck-10m AO in 2003-2004
F. Marchis, A. Davies, Hom, E.Y., I. de Pater, Icarus, in preparation, Feb. 2012


67. Bulk density of the Triple Main-Belt Asteroid System (93) Minerva 
F. Marchis, P. Descamps, J. Berthier et al. Icarus, about to be submitted, Dec. 2011


66. High surface porosity as the origin of emissivity features in asteroid spectra

P. Vernazza, M. Delbo, P.L. King, M.R.M. Izawa, J. Olofsson, R. P. Binzel, F. Marchis, P. Lamy, F. Cipriani, B. Merin. Icarus, about to be submitted, Dec. 2011


65. Multiple Asteroid Systems: Dimensions and Thermal Properties from Spitzer Space Telescope and Ground-Based Observations

F. Marchis, J.E. Enriquez, J. P. Emery, M. Mueller, J. Pollock, M. Baek, M. Assafin, R. Vieira Martins, J. Berthier, F. Vachier, D. P. Cruikshank, L. Lim, D. Reichart, K. Ivarsen, J. Haislip, A. LaCluyze, submitted to Icarus, Dec. 2011


64. On-sky test results with the fibered aperture masking instrument FIRST

E. Huby, G. Perrin, F. Marchis, S. Lacour, T. Kotani, G. Duchene, E. Choquet, E. L. Gates, J. M. Woillez, O. Lai, P. Fedou, C. Collin, and F. Chapron, submitted to A&A, Nov 2011


63. Determination of Binary Asteroid Orbits with a Genetic-based Algorithm

F. Vachier, J. Berthier, F. Marchis, submitted to A&A, Nov 2011


62. Constraining multiple systems with GAIA

L. Beauvalet, V. Lainey, J.-E. Arlot, D. Bancelin, R.P. Binzel, F. Marchis, PSS, Proceeding on GAIA, in revision, Dec 2011


61. Binary Asteroid Population. 2. Anisotropic distribution of orbit 

P. Pravec, P. Scheirich, D. Vokrouhlicky et al., in press Icarus, 2011


60. Asteroid (21) Lutetia as a remnant of Earth’s precursor planetesimals

P. Vernazza, P. Lamy, O. Groussin, T. Hiroi, L. Jorda, P.L. King, M.R.M. Izawa, F. Marchis, M. Birlan, R. Brunetto, Icarus 216, 2, 650-659, 2011


59.  YSOVAR: the first sensitive, wide-area, mid-IR photometric monitoring of the ONC

M. Moralez-Calderon, J. R. Stauffer, L. A. Hillenbrand, R. Gutermuth, I. Song, L. M. Rebull, P. Plavchan, J. M. Carpenter, B. A. Whitney, K. Covey, C. Alves de Oliveira, E. Winston, M. J. McCaughrean, J. Bouvier, S. Guieu, F. J. Vrba, J. Holtzman, F. Marchis, J. L. Hora, L. H. Wasserman, S. Terebey, T. Megeath, E. Guinan, J. Forbrich, N. Huélamo, P. Riviere-Marichalar, D. Barrado, K. Stapelfeldt, J. Hernández, L. E. Allen, D. R. Ardila, A. Bayo, F. Favata, D. James, M. Werner, K. Wood. The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 733, Issue 1, 2011


58.  High spatial resolution imaging of WASP-33

A. Moya, H. Bouy, F. Marchis, B. Vincente, D. Barrado, A&A 535, A110, 2011


58. Absolute photometry of small main-belt asteroids in 2007-2009
Chiorny, V., Galád, A., Pravec, P., Kušnirák, P., Hornoch, K., Gajdoš, Š., Kornoš, L., Világi, J., Husárik, M., Kaňuchová, Z., Krišandová, Z., Higgins, D., Pray, D. P., Durkee, R., Dyvig, R., Reddy, V., Oey, J., Marchis, F., Stephens, R. D., PSS, Volume 59, Issue 13, p. 1482-1489, 2011


57.  Long-Term Evolution of the Aerosol Debris Cloud Produced by the 2009 Impact on Jupiter

A. Sanchez-Lavega et al., Icarus, 214, 2, 462-476, 2011


56.  Spectral properties of small bodies (854) Frostia, (1333) Cevenola, and (3632) Chaplin

M. Birlan, D.A. Nedelcu, P. Descamps, J. Berthier, F. Marchis, S. Merouane, MNRAS, 415, 1, 587-595, 2011


55. The Origin of (90) Antiope From Component-Resolved Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
F. Marchis, J.E. Enriquez, J.P. Emery, J. Berthier, P. Descamps, F. Vachier, Icarus 213, 1, 252-264, 2011


54. A spectral comparison of (379) Huenna and its satellite

F. E. DeMeo B. Carry, F. Marchis, M. Birlan, R.P. Binzel, S.J. Bus, P. Descamps, A. Nedelcu, M. Busch, H. Bouy, Icarus 212, 2, 677-681, 2011


53. Triplicity and Physical Characteristics of Asteroid (216) Kleopatra 
P. Descamps, Marchis, F., J. Berthuer, J.P. Emery, G. Duchene, I. de Pater, M.H. Wong, H.B. Hammel, F. Vachier, P. Wiggins, J.-P. Teng-Chuen-Yu, A. Peyrot, J. Pollock, M. Assafin, R. Vieira-Martins, J.I.B Camargo, F. Braga-Ribas, B. Macomber, Icarus, 211, 2, 1022-1033, 2011


52. The atmospheric influence, size and asteroidal nature of the July 2009 Jupiter Impact
G.S. Orton, L.N. Fletcher, C.M. Lisse et al. Icarus, 211, 1, 587-602, 2011


51. Almahata Sitta (=asteroid 2008TC3) and the search for the ureilite parent body
P. Jennisken, J. Vaubaillon, R.P. Binzel, F.E. deMeo, D. Nesvorny, W. F. Bottke, A. Fitzsimmons, T. Hiroi, F. Marchis, J.L. Bishop, P. Vernazza, M.E. Zolensky, J.S. Herrin, K.C. Welten, M.M. Meier, M.H. Shaddad, M&PS, 45, 1590-1671, 2010


50. Asteroid pairs formed by rotational fission
P. Pravec, D. Vokrouhlick
ý, D. Polishook, D. J. Scheeres, A. W. Harris, A. Galád, O. Vaduvescu, F. Pozo, A. Barr, P. Longa, F. Vachier, F. Colas, D. P. Pray, J. Pollock, D. Reichart, K. Ivarsen, J. Haislip, A. LaCluyze, P. Kušnirák, T. Henych, F. Marchis, B. Macomber, S.A. Jacobson, Yu. N. Krugly, A. Sergeev & A. Leroy, Nature 466, 1085-1088, 2010


49. Dynamical Model of (45) Eugenia Triple Asteroid System
F. Marchis, V. Lainey, P. Descamps, J. Berthier, M. Van Dam, I. de Pater, B. Macomber, M. Baek, D. Le Mignant, H.B. Hammel, M. Showalter, F. Vachier, Icarus, 210, 2, 635-643, 2010


48. Eclipsing Binary Trojan Asteroid Patroclus: Thermal Inertia from Spitzer Observations 
M. Mueller, F. Marchis, J. Emery, A.W. Harris, S. Mottola, D. Hestroffer, J. Berthier, M. di Martino, Icarus, 205, 2, 505-515, 2010


47. Component-resolved Near-infrared Spectra of the (22) Kalliope System
C. Laver, I. de Pater, F. Marchis, M. Adamkovics, M. H. Wong, Icarus, 204, 2, 574-579, 2009


46. A giant Crater on 90 Antiope?

P. Descamps, F. Marchis, T. Michalowski, J. Berthier, J. Pollock, P. Wiggins, M. Birlan, F. Colas, F. Vachier, S. Fauvaud, J.-P. Sareyan, F. Pilcher, D.A. Klinglesmith, Icarus 203, 1, 102-111, 2009


45. A deep look into the core of young clusters. II. λ-Orionis

J. Bouy, N. Huélamo, N., Barrado Y Navascués, D., Martín, E. L., Petr-Gotzens, M. G., Kolb, J., Marchetti, E., Morales-Calderón, M., Bayo, A., Artigau, E., Hartung, M., Marchis, F., Tamura, M., Sterzik, M., et al. A&A 504, 1, 199-209, 2009


44. On the stability of the satellites of Asteroid 87 Sylvia
O. Winter, L.A.G. Augusto, E. Viera Neto, R.V. Martins, S.M. Giulutti Winter, R. S. Gomes, F. Marchis, P. Descamps, MNRAS, 395, 1, 218-227, 2009


43. A deep look into the cores of young clusters I. s-Orionis
H. Bouy, Huélamo, N., Martín, E. L., Marchis, F., Barrado Y Navascués, D., Kolb, J., Marchetti, E., Petr-Gotzens, M. G.,

Sterzik, M., Ivanov, V. D., Köhler, R., Nürnberger, D, A&A, 493, 3, 931-946, 2009


42. New insights on the binary system of 121 Hermione
P. Descamps, F. Marchis, J. Durech, J. Emery, A.W. Harris, M. Kaasalainen, J. Berthier, J.-P. Teng-Chuen-Yu, A. Peyrot, L. Hutton, J. Greene, J. Pollock, M. Assafin, R. Vieira-Martins, J.I.B. Camargo, F. Braga-Ribas, F. Vachier, D.E. Reichart, K.M. Ivarsen, J.A. Crain, M.C. Nysewander, A.P. Lacluyze, J.B. Haislip, R. Behrend, F. Colas, J. Lecacheux, L. Bernasconi, R. Roy, P. Baudouin, L. Brunetto, S. Sposetti, F. Manzini Icarus, 203, 1, 88-101, 2009.


41. Structural and compositional properties of brown dwarf disks: the case of 2MASS J04442713+2512164
H. Bouy et al. A&A 486, 3, 877-890, 2008


40. Follow-up observations of binary ultra-cool dwarfs
H. Bouy, E.L. Martin, W. Brander, T. Forveille, X. Delfosse, N. Huelamo, G. Basri, J. Girard,M.-R. Zapatero Osori, M. Stumpf, A. Ghez, L. Valdivielso, F. Marchis, A.J. Burgasser, K.Cruz, A&A, 481, 3, 757-767, 2008


39. Main belt binary asteroidal systems with circular mutual orbits
F. Marchis, P. Descamps, Baek, M., Harris, A.W., Kaasalaneien, M., Berthier, J., Hestroffer, D., Vachier, F., Icarus 196, 1, 97-118, 2008.


38. New determination of the size and bulk density of the binary asteroid 22 Kalliope from observations of mutual eclipses
P. Descamps, F. Marchis, J. Pollock, J. Berthier, F. Vachier, M. Birlan, M. Kaasalainen, A.W. Harris, M. Wong, W. Romanishin, E.M. Cooper, K.A. Kettner, P. Wiggins, A. Kryszczynska, M. Polinska, J.-F. Colliac, A. Devyatkin, I. Verestchagina, D. Gorshanov, Icarus 196, 2, 578-600, 2008.


37. Main belt binary asteroidal systems with eccentric mutual orbits
F. Marchis, P. Descamps, J. Berthier, D. Hestroffer, F. Vachier, M. Baek, Harris, A.W., Nesvorny, D, Icarus, 195, 1, 295-316, 2008.


36. 2007 Mutual Events within the Binary System of (22) Kalliope
P. Descamps, F. Marchis, J. Pollock, J. Berthier, M. Birlan, F. Vachier, F. Colas, P&SS, 56, 14, 1851-1856, 2008.


35. Specific Angular Momentum of Binary Asteroids
P. Descamps, F. Marchis, Icarus 193, 1, 74-84, 2008.


34. Tvashtar awakening detected in April 2006 with OSIRIS at the W.M. Keck Observatory
C. Laver, I. de Pater, and F. Marchis, Icarus 191, 2, 749-754, 2007.


33. Spatially resolved observations of the forbidden  SO rovibronic transition on Io during an eclipse and a volcanic eruption at Ra Patera
I. de Pater, C. Laver, F. Marchis,  H.G. Roe, B.A. Macintosh, Icarus 191, 1, 172-182, 2007.


32. Io Volcanism seen by New Horizons: a major eruption of the Tvashtar volcano
J.R Spencer, S.A. Stern, A.F. Cheng, H.A. Weaver, D.C. Reuter, K. Retherford, A. Lunsford, J.M. Moore, O. Abramov, R.M.C. Lopes, J.E. Perry, L. Kamp, M. Showalter, K.L. Jessup, F. Marchis,  P.M Schenk, C. Dumas, Science, 318, 5848, 240, 2007.


31. Nature of the small main belt asteroid 3169 Ostro
P. Descamps, F. Marchis, T. Michalowski, F. Vachier, F. Colas, J. Berthier, J.-P. Teng-Chuen-Yu, A. Peyrot, B. Payet, J. Dorseuil, Y.Léonie, T. Dijoux, H.Berrouachdi, C. Chion Hock, F. Benard, Icarus, 189, 2, 362-369, 2007.


30. Figure of the double asteroid 90 Antiope from AO and lightcurves observations
P. Descamps, F. Marchis, T. Michalowski, F. Vachier, F. Colas, J. Berthier, D. Hestroffer, M. Assafin, P. Dunckel, K. Miller, M. Polinska, J.-P. Teng-Chuen-Yu, A. Peyrot, R. Vieira-Martins, M. Birlan, Icarus, 187, 2, 482-499, 2007.


29. AIDA: an adaptive image deconvolution algorithm with application to multi-frame and 3D data 
Hom, E.F.Y., F. Marchis, T.K. Lee, S. Haase, D. A. Agards, J.W. Sedat, JOSA A, 24, 6, 1580-1600, 2007


28. Io’s Hot Spots, locations and detections 
R.M.C. Lopes, J. Radebaugh, M. Meiner, J. Perry, F. Marchis, in Io After Galileo, Eds R.M.C. Lopes & J.R. Spencer, Praxis, Chichester, UK, 307-323, ISBN 3-540-34681-3, 2007.


27. Outstanding Questions and Future Explorations
F. Marchis, J.R. Spencer, and R.M.C. Lopes, in Io After Galileo, Eds R.M.C. Lopes & J.R. Spencer, Praxis, Chichester, UK, ISBN 3-540-34681-3, 2007.


26. Titan Imagery with Keck AO during and after Probe Entry 
I. de Pater, M. Ádámkovics, A. H. Bouchez, M. E. Brown, S. G. Gibbard, F. Marchis, H. G. Roe, E. L. Schaller, and E. F. Young, Journal of Geophysical Research, 11107, S05, 2006


25. The PHEMU97 catalogue of observations of the mutual phenomena of the Galilean satellites of Jupiter
J.E. Arlot, W.Thuillot, C. Ruatti, and 61 coauthors, A&A, 451, 733, 2006


24. Photometric survey of binary near-Earth asteroids
P. Pravec, P. Scheirich, P. Kusnirak, and 51 coauthors, Icarus, 181, 63, 2006


23. A low density of 0.8 g cm-3 for the Trojan binary asteroid 617 Patroclus 
F. Marchis, D. Hestroffer, P. Descamps, J. Berthier, A. H. Bouchez, R. D. Campbell, J. C. Y. Chin, M. A. van Dam, S. K. Hartman, E. M. Johansson, R. E. Lafon, D. Le Mignant, I. de Pater, P. J. Stomski, D. M. Summers, F. Vachier, P. L. Wizinovich & M. H. Wong, Nature, 439, 7076, 565-567, 2006


22. Shape, size, and multiplicity of main-belt asteroids. I. Keck Adaptive Optics Survey 
F. Marchis, M., Kaasalainen, E.F.Y. Hom, J. Berthier, J. Enriquez, D. Hestroffer, D. Le Mignant, I. de Pater, Icarus, 185, 39, 2006


21. Discovery of the Triple Asteroidal System: 87 Sylvia
F. Marchis, P. Descamps, D. Hestroffer, J. Berthier, Nature, 436, 822-824, Aug. 2005


20. Mass and Density of Asteroid 121 Hermione from an Analysis of its Companion Orbit (available)
F. Marchis, D. Hestroffer, P. Descamps, J. Berthier, C. Laver, I. de Pater, Icarus 178, 2, 450-464, 2005


19. Keck AO survey of Io Global volcanic activity between 2 and 5 microns (available
F. Marchis, Le Mignant, D., F. Chaffee, R. Prange, T. Fusco, S. Kwok, P. Amico, R. Campbell, F. Chaffee, A. Conrad, A. Contos, R. Goodrich, and I. de Pater, Icarus, 176, 96-122, 2005.


18.  Near-IR Imaging of Asteroid 4 Vesta (available)
Zellner, N. E. B., S. Gibbard, I. de Pater, F. Marchis, and M. J. Gaffey, Icarus, 177, 1, 190-195, 2005


17. The dynamic neptunian ring arcs: evidence for a gradual disappearance of Liberté and resonant jump of courage
I. de Pater, S.G. Gibbard, E. Chiang, H.B. Hammel, B. Macintosh, F. Marchis, S. Martin, H.G. Roe, and M. Showalter, Icarus, 174, 1, 263-272, 2005.


16. Keck AO observations of Io in and out of eclipse 
I. de Pater, F. Marchis, B. Macintosh, H.G. Roe, D. Le Mignant, J.R. Graham, and A. Davies, Icarus, 169, Io Special Issue, 1, 250-263, 2004.


15. Extreme Volcanism on Io: Latest Insights at the End of the Galileo Era (available
J.S. Kargel, R.W. Carlson, A.G. Davies, B. Fegley, A. Gillespie, R. Greeley, R.R. Howell, K. Lea Jessup, L. Kamp, L. P. Keszthelyi, R. M. Lopes, T. J. MacIntyre, F. Marchis, A. S. McEwen, M. Millazzo, J. Perry, J. Radebaugh, L. Schaefer, N. Schmerr, W.D. Smythe, J.R. Spencer, D.A. Williams, J. Zhang and M. Yu. Zolotoz, EOS Journal, 84, 33, p. 313-318, Aug. 2003.


14. A three-dimensional solution for the orbit of the asteroidal satellite of 22 Kalliope (available
F. Marchis, P. Descamps, D. Hestroffer, J. Berthier, A. Boccaletti, D. Gavel, and I. de Pater, Icarus, 165, 112-120, 2003.


13. Near-IR coronagraphic imaging of the companion to HR7672 (available
A. Boccaletti, G. Chauvin, A.-M. Lagrange, F. Marchis, 
A&A, v.410, p.283-288, 2003.


12. High-resolution Keck Adaptive Optics Imaging of Violent Volcanic Activity on Io (web page and preprint
F. Marchis, I. de Pater, A. Davies, H. Roe, P. Descamps, D. Le Mignant, B. Macintosh, R. Prangé
Icarus, 160, 124-131, 2002.


11. Ground-based imaging of the HD141569 circumstellar disk 
A. Boccaletti, J.-C. Augereau, F. Marchis, J. Hahn, 
Letter to ApJ, 585, 1, 494-501, 2003.


10. No disk needed around HD 199143B (available)
G. Chauvin, T. Fusco, A.-M. Lagrange, D. Mouillet, J.-L. Beuzit, M. Thomson , J.-C. Augereau, F. Marchis, C. Dumas and P. Lowrance 
A&A, 394, 219-223, 2002.


9. Adaptive Optics Observations of asteroid (216) Kleopatra (available)
D. Hestroffer, F. Marchis, T. Fusco, J. Berthier
Research Note, A&A, 394, 339-343, 2002.


8. A second substellar companion in the Gliese 86 system. A brown dwarf in an extrasolar planetary system. (available)
S.G. Els, M.F. Sterzik, F. Marchis, E. Pantin, M. Endl, M. Kurster
A&AL, 370, p. L1-L4, 2001


7. First ground-based Astrometric Observations of Puck 
P. Descamps, F. Marchis, J. Berthier, R. Prangé, T. Fusco and C. Le Guyader
CRAS, Physique 3, p121-128, 2002.


6. Split Comet C/2001 A2 (LINEAR)
E. Jehin, H. Boehnhardt, Z. Sekanina, X. Bonfils, O. Schutz, J.L. Beuzit, M. Billeres, G.J. Garradd, P. Leisy, F. Marchis, A. Mas, L. Origlia, D. Scarpa, D. Thomas, G P Tozzi
Earth, Moon, and Planets, 90, 1, 147-151, 2002.


5. A survey of Io's volcanism by adaptive optics observations in the 3.8 micron thermal band (1996-1999) 
F. Marchis, R. Prangé, T. Fusco (ONERA). 
J.Geophys. Res., Io Special Issue, 106, E12, p. 33 141 , 2001.


4. Ground-based Observations of Volcanism on Io in 1999 (reprint available) 
R.R. Howell, J.R. Spencer, J.D. Goguen, F. Marchis, R. Prangé, T. Fusco, D. L. Blaney, G. L. Veeder, J. A. Rathbun, G. S. Orton, A. J. Grocholski, J.A. Stansberry. 
J. Geophys. Res., Io Special Issue, 106, E12, p. 33 129, 2001.


3. Adaptive Optics mapping of Io's volcanism in the thermal IR (3.8\mum). (reprint available) 
F. Marchis, R. Prangé, J.C. Christou

Icarus, 148, 384-396, 2000.


2. Adaptive optics observations of the innermost coma of comet C/1995 O1. 
Is there a "Hale" and a "Bopp" in comet Hale-Bopp?

F. Marchis, H. Boehnhardt, O. Hainaut, D. Le Mignant 
A&A, volume 349, issue 3, September 1999


1. Optical tolerances of active telescope architectures for Adaptive Optics (available here
F. Marchis, S. Cuevas 
Revista Mexicana de Astronomía y Astrofísica, vol.  35, No. 1, 31-44, 1999