Technical Publications

Darlene Lim
Research Scientist






Peer-Reviewed Publications in Last 4 Years:

  1. Brady, AL, Druschel, G, Lim, D.S.S and G. Slater. Carbon cycling and biosignatures in carbonate rich, cyanobacteria dominated microbial mats of the Cariboo Plateau, BC, Canada. Geobiology. Submitted (February 2012)
  2. Forrest, AL, Laval, BE, Pieters, R and DSS Lim. A cyclonic eddy in an ice covered lake. Limnology and Oceanography. Submitted (January 2012)
  3. Battler, MM, Osinski, GR, Lim, DSS, Davila, AF, Michel, FA, Craig, MA, Izawa, MRM, Leoni, L, Slater, GF, Fairen, AG,, Banerjee, NR and Preston, LJ. Characterization of the acidic cold seep emplaced jarositic Golden Deposit, NWT, Canada, as an analogue for jarosite deposition on Mars. Icarus. In press
  4. Kirk, J.L., Muir, D.C.M., Antoniades, D., Douglas, M.S.V., Evans, M.S., Jackson, T.A.,  Kling, H.,  Lim, D.S.S., Pienitz, R., Smol, J.P.,  Stewart, K., Wang, X., and Yang, F.2011. Response to comment on climate change and mercury accumulation in Canadian high and subarctic lakes”. Environmental Science & Technology 45: 6705-6706.
  5. Kirk, J.L., Muir, D.C.M., Antoniades, D., Douglas, M.S.V., Evans, M.S., Jackson, T.A.,  Kling, H.,  Lim, D.S.S., Pienitz, R., Smol, J.P.,  Stewart, K., Wang, X., and Yang, F.2011. Climate change and mercury accumulation in Canadian high and subarctic lakes. Environmental Science & Technology 45: 964-970
  6. Lim, D.S.S., A.L. Brady, and Pavilion Lake Research Project (PLRP) Team (A.F. Abercromby, D.T. Andersen, M. Andersen, R.R. Arnold, J.S. Bird, H.R. Bohm, L. Booth, S.L. Cady, Z. Cardman, A.M. Chan, O. Chan,C. Chénard, B.R. Cowie, A. Davila, M.C. Deans, W. Dearing, M. Delaney, M. Downs, T. Fong, A. Forrest, M.L. Gernhardt, J.R. Gutsche, C. Hadfield, A. Hamilton, I. Hawes, J. Hansen, J. Heaton, Y. Imam, B.L. Laval,D. Lees, L. Leoni, C. Looper, S. Love, M.M. Marinova, D. McCombs, C.P. McKay, B. Mireau, G. Mullins,S.H. Nebel, P. Nuytten, R. Pendery, W. Pike, S.B. Pointing, J. Pollack, N. Raineault, M.Reay, D. Reid, T. Sallstedt, D. Schulze-Makuch, M. Seibert, R. Shepard, G.F. Slater, J.Stonehouse28, D.Y. Sumner, C.A. Suttle, A. Trembanis, C. Turse, M. Wilhelm, N. Wilkinson, D. Williams, D.M. Winget, C. Winter). 2011. A historical overview of the Pavilion Lake Research Project—Analog science and exploration in an underwater environment.  The Geological Society of America, Special Paper 483: 85-116
  7.  Fairen, A.G., Davila, A.F., Lim, D.S.S., Bramall, N., Bonaccorsi, R., Zavaleta, J., Uceda, E.R., Stoker, C., Wierzchos, J., Dohm, J.M., Amils, R., Andersen, D., McKay, C.P. 2010. Astrobiology through the ages of Mars: the study of terrestrial analogues to understand the habitability of mars. Astrobiology. 10(8); 821-843.
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  9. Lim, D.S.S., Warman, GL, Gernhardt, ML, McKay, CP, Fong, T, et al. 2010. Scientific field training for human planetary exploration. PSS 58:920-930.
  10. Osinski, G. R, Lee, P.C., Cockell, C., Snook, K., Lim, D.S.S. and S. Braham. 2010. Field geology on the Moon: Some lessons learned from the exploration of the Haughton impact structure, Devon Island, Canadian High Arctic.  PSS 58: 646–657
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