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Pascal Lee
Senior Planetary Scientist

 Popular Articles by Pascal Lee

Lee, P. (2011). Longevity of the Australian Cattle Dog : Results of a 100-Dog Survey. ACD Spotlight, Vol. 4, Issue 1, Spring 2011, 94-103.

Lee, P. (2010). Northwest Passage Drive : Preparing for Mars. Above & Beyond, Canada’s Arctic Journal, Sep-Oct 2010, 35-39.

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Lee, P. (2002). From the Earth to Mars. Part Two: Robots and Humans Working Together. The Planetary Report, May-Jun 2002.

Lee, P. (2002). From the Earth to Mars. Part One: A Crater, Ice, and Life. The Planetary Report, Jan-Feb 2002.

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Lee, P. (1987). Voyages vers Mars. In Des Planètes et des Hommes (C. Lardier & P. Lee, eds.). Cosmos Club de France, 1987, 47-68.


Popular Books by Pascal Lee

Lee, P. (2013). Mission: Mars. Scholastic, New York. 48 pp.

Braham, S. & P. Lee (2002). Bases on the Moon, Mars and Beyond. In Solar System (N. Hey, ed.), Chap. 3. Wiley & Sons.


Pascal Lee’s Work Described in Popular Science Books

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