Karen Randall
Director, Special Projects

Karen Randall was born and raised in southern California, and has enjoyed a career in corporate and individual development. She has an extensive background in corporate consulting and management, with particular expertise in areas of international business, law, non-profit, and entrepreneurial ventures.

As president and CEO of Treasure Map International, a Southern California consulting firm, Randall built an impressive client list including American Express, Genentech, Global Health Council, Houghton Mifflin, Lucent Technologies, Macromedia, and the San Francisco Giants, among many others. Focusing primarily in the areas of business development and strategic partnering, Randall and her team built customized strategic solutions to meet each client’s unique needs.

Randall was engaged as a consultant to the SETI Institute in 2003, and accepted her permanent position as Director of Special Projects in 2004. Beginning in late 2004, she moved into a leadership role to advance the goals and objectives of the SETI Institute. She and her team work to create and coordinate innovative initiatives for SETI Institute participation and recognition in world-class science in both the private and public sector. Their efforts encompass all aspects of the Institute’s core missions: the study of life in the universe, SETI, and science education.

Randall is passionate about the possibilities for life, from her early days as a scuba diver to her current role in promoting the exploration of the universe.