Integrated Field Science and Exploration Activities in a Relevant Underwater Environment - Lessons for the Human Scientific Exploration of the Moon and Mars

Grant #: NNX10AH02A
Senior Scientist: dlim

The following describes work that will be led by Dr. Lim in coodination with the Pavilion Lake Research Project. She will oversee and participate in al of the described science and exploration activities.  The objective of this work is to build upon the on-going planetary/astrobiology analog science field program of the Pavilion Lake Research Project, for which Dr. Lim is the PI.  The described work will provide high-fidelity science, science operations, mission operations, and technology constraints to help NASA plan for future human exploration of the Moon, Mars and other planetary bodies.

The Pavilion Lake Research Project has been funded through NASA's ASTEP and Spaceward Bound programs.  The project is currently funded through 2012. This project also collaborates with the Canadian Space Agency's Canadian Analogue Research Network Program, and the National Geographic Society.