Dynamic Response of the Environment at the Moon (DREAM)

Grant #: NNX09AH11A
Senior Scientist: John Marshall

Senior Scientist: John Marshall

Study of the lunar environment, including: 

1. Advance and develop dust cohesion models associated dust transport analysis

2. Apply these models as support for missions like LADEE, LRO, etc.

3. Integrate the models with DREAM’s plasma and exospheric co-investigation team members models

4. Test these models both in stand-alone and as an integrated set for initial conditions consistent with lunar extreme environmental conditions

5. Support and participate in pre-LEW and LEW activities

6. Disseminate results via conference presentations and publications, and report these activities to the DREAM project (who collects them and uses the information to support DREAM at LCI-central)

7. Participate in EIPO activities, especially presentations to the general public and k-12 activities occurring prior to the LEWs

8. Collaborate with other LSI teams in common areas, especially emphasized in the LSI Focus Team activities.