ASSET Program

Grant #: A science and curriculum institute for high school science teachers
Senior Scientist: Anonymous

Would you like to learn more about the interdisciplinary field of Astrobiology?  Are you looking for a contemporary thematic science curriculum that is standards based?  Are you in search of an exciting professional development opportunity? Are you ready to share your enthusiasm for science teaching with others?  If so, we invite you to become an ASSET teacher.

The ASSET experience will be intense and exciting, interactive and content rich, with presentations by leading astrobiology researchers from the SETI Institute, NASA, and the California Academy of Sciences.  Scientists will share the latest in astrobiology research on the origin of life on Earth, the extreme conditions in which life exists, Mars exploration, the formation of planetary systems around Sun-like stars, and the search for life in the universe. The workshop features a combination of cutting edge science, inquiry-based teaching and learning, and leadership skills development to support you as a teacher and teacher trainer. Participants receive the entire Voyages Through Time curriculum and complementary astrobiology materials, developed by NASA’s Astrobiology Institute, for use in their classrooms.

ASSET is funded by the SETI Institute, Educate America, NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) Education and Public Outreach Program and NASA’s Kepler Mission Education and Public Outreach Program.

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