SETI Institute is Hiring - Planetary GIS Data Specialist

PLANETARY GIS DATA SPECIALIST Status: Full Time FLSA Status: Exempt Location: Mt. View, California The Planetary GIS Data Specialist is responsible for producing “research ready” cartographic and geospatial data for various projects. This work involves interfacing with the supervisor to determine the data processing strategy for a particular project and then executing that strategy. Responsibilities •Image processing of experimental data records up to map projected images •Mosaicking of images •Production of digital terrain models from stereo pairs of images •Production of other data products derived from the above •Production of visualizations of the above data products •Work with supervisor to find the best ways to perform various kinds of cartographic analyses Qualifications •Masters degree or equivalent experience in geographic information systems •Experience working with planetary data •Experience with Unix operating systems •Experience with the Integrated Software for Imagers and Spectrometers software •Some programming experience (any language) Physical Requirements •Frequent to continuous sitting •Frequent to continuous use of computer monitor, mouse and keyboard •Frequent use of standard office equipment •Occasional bending, reaching, kneeling

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