March 21 to 23 - Contact 2014 Conference featuring Seth Shostak and David Morrison

CONTACT 2014, March 21 -23, Friday Session at the SETI Institute
SETI Institute scientist at Contact:

David Morrison - Friday 1:30 pm
"How to Search for Life on Other Worlds"

Seth Shostak - Saturday 11:00 am
"Looking for the Galaxy s Best and Brightest"


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CONTACT is a unique interdisciplinary conference which brings together some of the foremost international social and space scientists, science fiction writers and artists to exchange ideas, stimulate new perspectives and encourage serious, creative speculation about humanity's future ... onworld and offworld.

Each year we meet to promote the integration of human factors into space age research and policy, emphasize the interaction of the Arts and Sciences and their technologies, and develop ethical approaches in cross-cultural contact, whenever and wherever it occurs. 

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