Uncategorized Lectures

March 25, 2014 Why SuperEarths are not Earthlike
David Stevenson
California Institute of Technology
March 18, 2014 Patterns of Sunlight on Extra-Solar Planets
Tony Dobrovolskis
SETI Institute
February 04, 2014 Private Funding Opportunities for Space Research
Amaresh Kollipara, Christopher Horgan, Mark Bunger
October 01, 2013 Exploring Complex, High-Dimensional Data For Hidden Structure
Marvin Weinstein
Theoretical Physics Group, Stanford University
September 03, 2013 Mapping the Surface of a Rocky Extrasolar Planet: Kepler-10b
Jason Rowe
SETI Institute
August 20, 2013 Ocean Surfaces on Snowball Earth
Steve Warren
University of Washington
August 16, 2013 Thermal History of Planetary Objects: From Asteroids to super-Earths, from plate-tectonics to life
Tilman Spohn
Director of the Institute for Planetary Research at DLR, Berlin
August 13, 2013 Spectroscopic Monitoring of Pluto's Volatile Ices
Will Grundy
Lowell Observatory
June 04, 2013 SETI Institute Artist in Residence Program Presents Finding the Magic in the Machine & Earth Calling Basingstoke
Robert Henke | Taghi Amirani
www.roberthenke.com | Amirani Media, TED Senior Fellow
May 14, 2013 Life before genetics: autogenesis, information, and the outer solar system
Terrence W. Deacon
Anthropology Department, UC Berkeley
April 23, 2013 A new book on Mathematical SETI
Claudio Maccone, IAA
Stephane Dumas, SETI League, Eastern Canada Coordinator
December 14, 2012 Exploring the Universe through Interactive Mass Media
Scott Snibbe
Snibbe Studio
November 13, 2012 Climate Change Impacts in the Arctic Ocean
Kevin Arrigo
Stanford Unviersity
October 10, 2012 Europa's Great Lakes
Britney Schmidt
University of Texas at Austin
July 25, 2012 Life in the Multiverse
Andrei Linde
Stanford University
July 11, 2012 The Kepler Mission: Zeroing in on Habitable Earths
Doug Cadwell
SETI Institute
May 23, 2012 Astrobiology at the Carl Sagan Center
David Morrison
Director of the Carl Sagan Center for Life in the Universe
May 16, 2012 The Climates of the Planet Mars
Francois Forget
Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique
May 09, 2012 Contact with ET using math? Not so fast.
Keith Devlin
Stanford University
January 11, 2012 Inflation and the Landscape of String Theory ( CANCELLED )
Alexander Westphal
September 21, 2011 SpaceX and the Dragon Spacecraft
Abhishek Tripathi
SpaceX Inc.