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Imagining Your Future: Planetary Science Vision 2050 Workshop

NASA’s Planetary Science Division (PSD) will host a community workshop at NASA headquarters in Washington, DC on February 27–28 and March 1, 2017.
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  • solar system

    NASA’s Planetary Science Division (PSD) will host a community workshop at NASA headquarters in Washington, DC on February 27–28 and March 1, 2017.

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    solar system
  • Ruth Murray-Clay's SETI Talk on Tuesday February 21, 2017. Observations confirm that planet formation is a ubiquitous process that produces a diversity of planetary systems.

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  • Skeptic Check: Not So Sweet

    Obesity, diabetes, heart disease … maybe even Alzheimer’s. Could these modern scourges be caused by sugar? A journalist says there’s evidence suggesting they are. Also, how the sugar industry paid Harvard scientists a half-century ago to do research suggesting that sugar was OK, but dietary fat was dangerous.

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    Skeptic Check: Not So Sweet
  • Trappist-1

    Broadcast on Feb. 23 on Facebook. The SETI Institute discusses Feb. 22 exoplanet announcement from NASA.

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  • winston-churchill

    It was 1939, and the storm of history’s greatest conflict was gathering on the European continent. The situation for Britain was ominous.

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  • trappist

    It’s a dim bulb of a star, but its weak light may fall on living beings. Trappist 1, a red dwarf star that’s a short 39 light-years’ distant, is hitting the headlines again.

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  • Tim Goudge's SETI Talk on Tuesday February 14, 2017. Decades of planetary exploration have revealed widespread evidence for ancient fluvial activity on the surface of Mars, including deeply incised valleys, paleolake basins, and an extensive sedimentary rock record.

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  • Phil Nicholson from Cornell University gave SETI Talk on Tuesday February 07, 2017. Chance observations of stars as they pass behind planets have provided some of our most valuable data on the structure of planetary ring systems, beginning with the discovery of the uranian rings with the Kuiper Airborne Observatory in 1977.

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  • Christopher McKee's SETI Talk on Tuesday January 31, 2017. Stars are the atoms of the universe. The process by which stars form is at the nexus of astrophysics since they are believed to be responsible for the re-ionization of the universe...

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  • Barry Welsh's SETI Talk was on Tuesday January 23, 2017. Minor bodies such as Kuiper Belt objects, comets, and asteroids constitute the rocky and icy debris left over from the planet building phase of our solar system.

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News and Announcements

  Watch Nathalie Cabrol: Alien Hunter on CCTV show Full Frame
Exploration, whatever its focus, is limitless, multi-facetted, and exquisitely complex. The understanding of how and why planets evolve, whether they could have hosted habitats for life, how climate change impacts their habitability - and for Earth, its biodiversity - are questions that need to be addressed through a synergetic approach by looking at many different and complementary angles simultaneously.
  Watch Pascal Lee: Training for Life on Mars on CCTV show Full Frame
Planetary scientist Pascal Lee talks about training for life on Mars, right here on planet Earth.
  Watch Andy Weir: Mars Story on CCTV show Full Frame
Author Andy Weir talks about his best-selling novel, The Martian.
  June 16 in San Rafael – Science on Screen with Dr. Pascal Lee
Dr. Pascal Lee will give an illustrated presentation about planning and preparation for the first human mission to Mars.
  Girl Scouts: Bridging at the Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridging is the biggest event of the year for Girl Scouts of Northern California. Over 6,000 girls, both local and out of state, walked across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge as they bridged from "Juniors to Cadettes" on April 30, 2016.
  Drone's Eye View of Mars
The easiest way to detect evidence of aliens is straightforward: just scrunch up your eyes and look for it.
  Congratulations to the Incoming 2016 REU Class
  April 6 - Free Public Talk on April 6 at Foothill College on How Things in the Universe Came About
  NASA Selects New Director for Astrobiology Institute
  Incoming! A Planetarium show at the California Academy of Sciences